Posted by: omcivics | April 12, 2009

Thai protests derail Asean summit



  • 8.30am Red-shirts battle blue-shirts in front of Royal Cliff Beach Resort
  • 9.30am Asean-China summit in hotel postponed
  • 12.45am Red-shirts leader Arisamun Pongruengrong tells press conference inside hotel Newin is behind blue-shirts
  • 1pm Red-shirts break past guards into press centre
  • 1.20pm Red-shirt press conference demands PM Abhisit vejjajiva step down for ordering shooting of two red-shirt taxi-drivers
  • 1.30pm Government postpones Asean Summit in Pattaya indefinitely
  • 1.50pm Emergencu declared in Chon Buri Province
  • 3pm Natthawut saikua declares victory, tells red-shirts to leace Pattaya for Bangkok

source NationMultimedia



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