Posted by: omcivics | November 30, 2008


  1. May 15: The People’s Alliance for Democracy begins sit-in protest at Makkhawan Rangsan bridge and announces its ‘final battle’ in campaign agains any attempt to amend the Constitution

  2. June 5: PAD hold “mni-protests” at various locations, including the Interior Ministry and the Attorney-General’s Office
  3. June 18: A PAD mini-protest at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. June 20: PAD protesters besiege Government and the group moves its rally site from Makkhawan Rangsan bridge closer to the government seat
  5. June 27: A pro-PAD rally in Udon Thani province is under attack from 200 pro-government people. An ensuing fight leads ti several injures
  6. June 30: The Civil Court Frants an injunction for teacher and parents of student from Rajavitit Mathayom School, located close to PAD’s rally site. Orders PAD leaders to end their road blockade and stop using sound amplifying systems during school hours
  7. July 1: PAD leaders appeal the court’s order but the Civil Court rejects theri appela the following day
  8. July 7: PAD leaders file their appela again with the Court of Appeals. PAD also holds a mini-protest at the Royal Thai Police headquarters
  9. July 9: The Civil Court majes additional order for the PAD to open all road near its protest site
  10. July 23: An arrest warrant is issued fir PAD co-leader Sondhi Limthongkul for lese majeste. He earlier read out some quotes from a speech made during a pro-government rally
  11. July 24: Pro-PAD and pro-government crowds clash in Udon Thani as they organise separate rallies on the same day
  12. Aug 21: PAD holds a small protest at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling for revocation of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra’s diplomatic passport
  13. Aug 26: pAD protesters break into the state-run NBT channe’s offices, move to government agencies like the Ministery of Finance and Metropolitan Police headquarters. Protesters finally seize Government House
  14. Aug 27: Arrest warrant issues for nine PAD leaders for treason. Supporters form human shield to prevent police arrests. The Civil Court later issues an order for the protesters to leave Government House immediately but the refuse to obey
  15. Aug 28: Second-generation PAD leaders are disclosed: Sawit Kaewwan, Samran Rodphet and Sirichai Mai-ngam
  16. Aug 29: Police post order by Departement of Legar Execution at Goverment House and are enganged in a brief clash with protesters. In the evening, protesters gather outside Metropolitan Police headquarter and teargas is fired at them
  17. Sept 1: Lawyers for PAD leaders appeal against the arrest warrants, arguing the treasons charge is unreasonable
  18. Sept 2: Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej declares state of emergency in Bangkok after a clash between PAD protesters and a pro-government crowd, which left one person dead
  19. Oct 3:Chaiwat Sinsuwong, one of PAD leaders charged with treason, arrested at his house
  20. Oct 5: Chamlong Srimuang, another core PAD leader, arrested at a polling station when about to vote in Bangkok governor’s election
  21. Oct 6: PAD protesters lay siege to Parliament at night to prevent Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from annoucing his policy statement the next day
  22. Oct 7: Police crackdown on protesters leaves one woman dead and hundred injured (A male protester killed in explosion at nearby location)
  23. Oct 9: The Court of appeals rescinds certain serious charges, including treason, against the nine PAD leaders but lesser charges remain
  24. Oct 10: Grenade is thrown at makeshift quarters of PAD guards, leaving six people injured. Man unrelated to PAD found shot dead near rally site. Several explosions follow at the site
  25. Nov 20: A bomb explodes inside Government House in the early hours killing young PAD guard. PAD announces a plan to hold a major rally on November 23
  26. Nov 24: PAD protesters gather outside Parliament, blocking all entrances and causing cancellation of scheduled parliamentary meeting
  27. Nov 25: PAD holds mini-protest at Ministry of Finance, armed forces HQ Metropolitan Police, temporary government offices at Don Mueang Airport, and finally the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Takeover causes authorities to close the airport
  28. Nov 26; PAD protest at the Suvarnabhumi Airport causes flight cancellations and strands sevceral thousand passangers. Army Chief Anupong Paochinda chairs a meeting of representative from state agencies and private sector. Announces the meeting called on PM to dissolve the House and the PAD to end its airport takeover. Suggestion later rejected by both government leader and PAD
  29. Nov 27: Prime Minister Somchai declares state of emergency in Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airport areas


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