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Sosialisasi dan Pembentukan Kepribadian

Standar Kompetensi/Competency Standards

Menerapkan nilai dan norma dalam proses pengembangan kepribadian.
Applying the values and norms in the process of personality development.

Kompetensi Dasar:/Basic Competency:

Menjelaskan sosialisasi sebagai proses dalam pembentukan kepribadian (Latihan Soal) Apabila tidak bisa support dengan browser anda silahkan menggunakan e-learning (free register with email activation)
Explaining the process of socialization in the shape of personality


  1. Socialization is how a study of norms and values prevailing in society for guided an individual can behave appropriately in order to succeed in relationships
  2. Differences in values and norms:
    1. Social value created ahead of social norms, is implicit, and not equipped with the sanctions.
    2. Social norms created to implement the social value, are explicitly, and is equipped with sanctions
  3. Function values and social norms as behavioral guidance, protection and thrusters.
  4. Factors for the changes in values and norms include changes in governmental structure, changes in the level of civilization, the development of science and technology, new inventions, and the influence of foreign cultures
  5. The purpose of socialization is to know the social environment, physical environment, values and norms prevailing in society, and knowing the socio-cultural environment of a society.
  6. Factors that affect socialization:
    1. intrinsic factors originating from within an individual
    2. extrinsic factors originating from outside an individual
  7. Media socialization consisting of family, play environment, environmental education, working environment, and the media
  8. Personality-forming factors:
    1. Biological inheritance factors: physical characteristics, blood type, talents and distinctive qualities
    2. Environmental factors: family environment, education, associations, mass media and society
  9. Peter L. Berger: socialization is a process when a child learns to become a participating member in the community. What is learned in the socialization process: the role, values and social norms.
  10. Mead said that the establishment of a person going through taking the role process, are:
    1. Play stage. Young children begin to learn to take the role of people who are around it. He began to take on the role of running his parents, neighbors or people who frequently interact with them (significant others). he can not understand why doctors inject patients
    2. Stage game. A child not only knew about the role that must be executed, but he understood with whom he interacts, for example a football game is the referee, the goalkeeper, and the linesman.
    3. Generalized others. A child has been able to take a broader role of other people (generalized others), not just those closest (significant others) but also can interact with other people for having understood the role he and other lrang role. example of a child has to understand the role of teachers.
  11. Cooley said the development of self concept through three stages:
    1. someone to imagine how the behavior and actions appear to others
    2. someone to imagine how others judge their actions or behavior
    3. someone to build a conception of their self based on the assumption of another person assessment of him
  12. Type of socialization:
    1. Formal through an authorized institution under the applicable provisions
    2. Informal socialization within the community
  13. Socialization
    1. Primer is first time accept from their family
    2. Seconder is through society or continue from family
  14. Jaeger:
    1. Repressive socialization is use punishment for mistake
    2. Participatory socialization is use reward for good behavior
  15. Socialization Media (Fuller and Jacobs):
    1. Family
    2. Peer Group
    3. School
    4. Mass Media
  16. The factors that determine the development of personality
    1. biological inheritance
    2. physical environment (geographical)
    3. Culture
    4. group experience
    5. unique experience (Paul B Horton)
  17. Personality called self.  Self is a product of socialization emphasizes the social environmental factors, the group experience, and unique experience


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